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Seller’s Comments: There are lots of Pearson 424’s on the market in the $60,000 to $85,000 price range. A conscientious buyer would do well to inspect as many of them as possible before considering Silverheels. Then review the information presented here. If you don't see the additional value in this boat - or if you just prefer working on boats rather than cruising them - then by all means buy the cheaper boat. That's what I originally did, and I kind of enjoyed those 4 years in the boat yard and the ±7,500 man-hours I've put into renovating & outfitting this good old ketch (at the probable net pay rate of minus 6¢ an hour). Nor do I regret a penny of the additional $100,000 I’ve put into the boat since originally buying her “for a great price” 10 years ago. That's because when I add up my real time value, even at a very modest $20/hour, plus materials, I actually got to go cruising on a $300,000 Pearson 424!

Seriously, if you want to rebuild a boat and you have unlimited time & money to put into her, buy the "cheap" one. But if you want to go cruising…

There is only one Silverheels and she's only available to one appreciative new owner. Thanks for looking.

Reef early,

Tor Pinney, author of “Ready for Sea! ~ How to Outfit the Modern Cruising Sailboat” (Sheridan House)