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To-Do List



Straighten bent bow roller plate

Cut out & replace Interphase screen &
adjust sonar for shallower water forward scanning

Plastex engine panel cover and Ospho its hinges

Tweak mizzen mast shrouds

Repair/re-install radar cable

Shield stern light to 135, fix wrap wire

Shorten triadic stay by 2

Repair / re-bed stanchion bases http://pagetwo88.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-soggy-core.html
Inject epoxy into squeaky deck section at port boarding gate

- fill starboard screw hole
- sand/paint all epoxy fills
- round lower aft corners of big panels

Patch on main awning middle batten pocket; top, port

Install Y-valve U hose w/screened intake for holding tank pump to service the bilge

Check Edson chain (see SH "Boat Gear")

(2) solar panels on dodger top w/plug in dodger combing wired to house bank

Build cockpit table wings

Swing compasses for deviation card

Last chance trip line
Spotlight plugs in cockpit & foredeck
Single 3-inch diameter scupper from the back of the cockpit through the transom.
Cockpit Lights:
Under dodger hardtop
(2) 12v spotlight plugs, cockpit glove-box & foredeck
Set up old stern light as (shielded) boarding light
Boom crutch



Sand-recoat sole beneath nav table

Clean off portlight tinting

Wrap fridge copper tubes in lockers
Try flat screen with straight 12v input
Re-paint bilge sump

Install Y-valve U hose w/screened intake for holding tank pump to service the bilge

Tighten salon table beneath floorboards
Better drainage beneath holding tank

Add shutoff plug to fridge drain hose (to contain cold)
Thermal wall between compressor and engine

Nav Station:
Wire AIS alarm to radar alarm booster
On/Off switch for AIS box (for USB reboot)
Switchboard labels

Move stove eye & hook higher to miss knife rack

External hinges on engine box to collapse - one needs to be fit to swing side on top of other folded side

Cut port wing of salon table like starboard side

Rebuild/replace manual bilge pump
Y-valve for holding tank pump to bilge
Fix electric bilge pump beeper and light

Install louder alarm sounder on Yanmar

Make clear Acrylic washboards for main companionway, maybe 2 instead of 3.

Broad, port-tack strap for galley

Waterproof access ports for water tanks
Check water tank vent hoses - re-route to loop up a few inches and then to the bilge sump

Pad for offshore noise:
- engine box
- after bunk drawer fronts
- flat screen
- locker door aft of flat screen


Remove fwd drawer under aft cabin bunk, hinge fwd edge of facing as an opening door, & partition space from aft drawer

Larger (6 AWG) cable from battery switch terminals to main connection on back of breaker switch panel. (Original wire is white, from battery switch common terminal to DC ammeter the panel.)

Make water pressure accumulator tank

Re-organize electrical panel as per plan




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